In order to treat all owners fairly we have set rates for Services. However we like to be flexible to your needs and can therefore "trade" services from the menu and flex to your needs within the month to give you a little more scope in the management of your horse and time.

Full Livery 

As Part Livery plus:-

  • Groom and tack up
  • Ride / lunge 3-5 days  (Mon - Friday)
  • Wash down & dry off
  • Attend with farrier

  • Put clay on legs and wash off
  • Shampoo day before event 
  • Clip
  • Poo pick paddock 
  • Attend with vet 
  • Wormer at cost
  • Provide supplements cost +10%
  •  Endurance training
  • Owners choice -Endurance train and compete 

Part Livery 

  • Feed am and pm
  • Log feed and anything unusual
  • Put out in paddock and bring in
  • Pick out feet and check legs
  • Change rugs 
  • Overnight steamed hay

Extras & Flexible add-ons
  • Bandage legs 
  • Clean off clay from legs
  • Lunge
  • Poo pick paddock 
  • Ride out - daily charge 
  • Groom and tack up am or pm 
  • Clip 
  • Shampoo day before event 
  • Bring in for Farrier / Vet 
  • Wormer at cost
  • Supplements cost +10%

Hunter Livery 

As with Full Livery plus:-

  • Groom and platt for hunt day
  • Wash down and dry off after hunt day, bandage or clay legs and wash off next day 

  •  Wormer at cost
  • Supplements at cost +10%
  • Clip
  • Poo pick paddock 
  • Attend with vet 


Rates determined by care required from full boxed rest and wound management to corale rest and walk or boxing to local Spa or circular swimming pool .

Also Offered

  • B&B for horse and rider 
  • Endurance training  with horse and crew . 2 days with 1 or 2 nights stay